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Caroline Seligman, LMSW
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As there is no known cure for Misophonia, I take a harm reduction, mindfulness based, and experimental approach to treatment. If there is no know immediate cure, there can still be relief. I work with clients to identify the areas of life most impacted by Misophonia and implement interventions to relieve the suffering. These interventions can involve audiological tools, lifestyle adjustments, conflict management and communication coaching, as well as more experimental exploration including novel treatments such as psychedelic assisted psychotherapy. In New York, I offer Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP). For out of state clients, I work as a coach and help you identify resources in your area and assist with preparation and integration.

I have seen these results in my patients:

A deeper understanding of internal and external boundaries, a reduction in shame around having Misophonia (a greater acceptance of what is), stronger self- advocacy skills around Misophonia related interpersonal challenges.

I also have Misophonia so I know on a deeply personal level the struggle and the suffering you are facing. No matter the issue at hand, healing always begins with acceptance. Acceptance doesn't not mean that you like it or would ever choose it, but it is an acknowledgement of what IS. Finding acceptance for something like Misophonia can seem counterproductive and impossible, especially when you are searching for treatment. Acceptance is the first step toward managing your Misophonia and helping others in your life come to accept it as well. Acceptance is not the only step though! There is hope for you if you suffer from Misophonia. I am here to help you find relief.


LMSW (Licensed Master Social Worker)

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Accord, NY
Dr. Ann Rhoten
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Approach: Tinnitus Retraining Therapy

We are a small private practice which provides individualized care for sound sensitive patients. No formal research. Patient testimonials tell the story.

Certifications:  Au.D., CCC/A, certified by the Tinnitus Retraining Therapy Association and Tinnitus Practitioners Association

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Lexington, Kentucky
Dr. Anna Hiroka Mamiya
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Approach: Sound retraining approach. We have a group of patients who do not mind hearing their trigger sounds without any help. One of them posted his review several months before he graduated from our program as “Dr. Mamiya is very gentle and kind. She even communicates via email. She offers a misophonia treatment plan for sufferers of misophonia that is working. Also has hot tea, cold water and a very comfy waiting room. A++”

PAC Audiology is a private Audiology clinic. We provide hearing and balance evaluation, hearing aids, hearing aid repair, tinnitus, misophonia, hyperacusis assessment and retraining therapy, and custom earplugs.

Credentials: AuD

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Bellevue, WA
Dr. Cindy Simon
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Approach: Our mission is to serve the hearing health care needs of individuals in the South Miami and surrounding areas as well as any other individuals opting to use our services.  We provide comprehensive audiology and hearing aid services to people of all ages.   We will provide quality care in a relaxed, unhurried atmosphere.

Certifications: AuD, Certificate of Clinical Competence In Audiology by ASHA (American Speech & Hearing  Association), Board Certification In Audiology by AAA (ABA)

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(305) 663-0505
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South Miami, Florida
Dr. Jadon Webb, MD, PHD
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Do certain "normal" sounds really bother you? Chewing, pens clicking, dogs barking, mechanical rattles, and other daily noises...for those suffering from misophonia, sounds often perceived as background noise to others can seem incredibly heightened or cause an involuntary response of feeling anxious or even angry.

At our practice we feel strongly that those suffering from these symptoms should have treatment options and a greater understanding of the neuroscience behind their condition. As proud members of the Misophonia Association and one of the only practices in the country specializing in the treatment of misophonia, we strive to bring greater awareness to this condition as well as evidenced based treatment options for those suffering from it.

We can provide diagnostic assessments, as well as treatment with medications, natural supplements, and education regarding further therapy treatment options. We also regularly treat co-occurring psychiatric conditions such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, and OCD.

We treat both children and adults with this disorder.

We are located in Littleton, Colorado, but we serve clients all across the state! As a comprehensive psychiatric treatment center, we can also treat co-existing diagnoses such as anxiety, depression, OCD, ADHD, and more. Visit our website for more information.

Board Certified in both child and adult psychiatry



American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

American Psychiatric Association

Colorado Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Society

National Alliance on Mental Illness

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Littleton, CO