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About Us

The Misophonia Association is a non-profit organization that was founded in October 2013 in Portland, Oregon after the first Misophonia Convention.

Goals and Mission

Education, Advocacy, Research, Support–in order to assist those who suffer from the condition of misophonia, as well as their families. We stand together in our rejection of bias, prejudice, and exclusion. We value respect, encouragement, professionalism and courteous speech and behavior. We recognize effort, intentions and accomplishment. We applaud helpfulness, positivity, and collaboration. We have made tremendous progress in the past few years.

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Previous misophonia research has focused primarily on aversions to human mouth and nose sound (e.g., chewing, sniffling), but according to this article, there exists considerable individual variability in sound reported as bothersome, warranting an objective and data-driven investigation. The authors share the outcomes of 3 experimental methods with participants in the study. The study helps validate the disorder quantitatively, offers supporting evidence for the inclusion of misophonia as a legitimate disorder, and emphasizes the need to expand our definition of misophonic trigger sounds. To learn more about this research you can read the full article at: What sound sources trigger misophonia?

Presented in PsyArXuv Preprints Service, March 2020 (This article is a preprint and has not been certified by peer review).

Research by Heather A. Hansen, Andrew B. Leber, Zeynep M. Saygin; the Ohio State University Department of Psychology


We are committed to our annual fall convention, where we present a platform for gathering current and potential researchers and clinicians, and  work directly with those who suffer from misophonia along with their families. We continue to press for legitimate peer-reviewed professional research, and are committed to long-term dedicated and professional activities. See more here.

Previous Conventions

The very first convention was held in Portland, OR in 2013 with 55 attendees. In 2014, the 2nd convention was held in Orlando, FL; the 3rd in Chicago, IL in October of 2015 with nearly 200 people attending. In 2017, February, the 4th convention was held in Las Vegas, NV and in 2018, it was held in Bloomington, MN. The 6th convention was held in Denver, Colorado. Most recently, the 7th convention was held online October 8-10, 2020, our very first virtual conference.

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Please continue to join us in our steady and mindful journey towards unbiased knowledge, effective treatment and a potential cure for misophonia. The Misophonia Association is funded with volunteer effort and donated time and funds. Our non-profit association’s goals and mission include Education, Advocacy, Research and Support.

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Reach us by email:  misoassociation@gmail.com

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