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The Misophonia Association is a non-profit organization that was founded in October 2013 in Portland, Oregon after the first Misophonia Convention.



Education, Advocacy, Research, Support- in order to assist those who suffer from the condition of misophonia, as well as their families. We stand together in our rejection of bias, prejudice, and exclusion. We value respect, encouragement, professionalism and courteous speech and behavior. We recognize effort, intentions and accomplishment. We applaud helpfulness, positivity, and collaboration. We have made tremendous progress in the past few years.


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The eighth annual Misophonia Convention is now over. Over 200 people participated this year which is just fantastic. We had incredible presentations with powerful new information from wonderful, intelligent and compassionate people. I have to say the virtual conventions are easier to put together than the in-person ones and there is a lot of value In these experiences. The planning group worked well together and I have to say I think we’ve achieved a level of expertise in putting on good virtual conventions. Dr. Jaelline Jaffe was given the Jaxon award this year and this is the right thing to do with her long time of working as a psychotherapist in this field and serving on our board. The most exciting thing is that you can purchase this entire convention (except for the personal support group meetings) at Misophonia Videos.

– Dr. Marsha Johnson


We invite you to create a work of art which would pertain to misophonia in some way. This could be a painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, collage, or any form of artwork that could be printed and used for our 2023 calendar.

When you submit your artwork, please include an “Artist’s Statement” with it. In your artist statement, please describe your artwork in general and give more insight into it by sharing about your themes, the materials you use, what is important to you and maybe how your creative endeavors relate to misophonia.

We surely look forward to seeing your creative works!

“Making art has taught me that the tiniest smidgen of progress is something to be cherished.”
― Julia Cameron, Finding Water: The Art of Perseverance

2021 Convention Recordings

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This article from the Fort Hays State University student newspaper, might not seem like a major article on misophonia, but student writer CJ Gibson does an excellent job summing up what misophonia is, what it is like to manage with it, and how tough it can be to find understanding and support. Covering everything from famous authors who might have had misophonia to garnering school and workplace accommodations, this article is a great introduction to the world of a person with misohphonia.

(Summary by Cris Edwards)

by CJ Gibson [Tiger Media Network, Fort Hays University]

September 2021

You can read the full article at: Misophonia: How FHSU and You can help those needing peace and quiet

Our Conventions:  We are committed to our annual fall convention, where we present a platform for gathering current and potential researchers and clinicians, and  work directly with those who suffer from misophonia along with their families. We continue to press for legitimate peer-reviewed professional research, and are committed to long-term dedicated and professional activities. See more here.

Previous Conventions:  Most recently, the 8th convention was October 14-16, 2021 and was our 2nd virtual conference. The 7th convention was our first online convention and was held October 8-10, 2020. The 6th convention was held in Denver, CO in 2019. In 2018, the 5th convention was held in Bloomington, MN and the 4th convention was held in Las Vegas, NV in 2017. The 3rd convention was in Chicago, IL in 2015 and the 2nd one was held in Orlando, FL in 2014. The very 1st convention was held in Portland, OR in 2013 with 55 attendees!

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Please continue to join us in our steady and mindful journey towards unbiased knowledge, effective treatment and a potential cure for misophonia. The Misophonia Association is funded with volunteer effort and donated time and funds. Our non-profit association’s goals and mission include Education, Advocacy, Research and Support.

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