2021 Misophonia Convention



The eighth annual Misophonia Convention is now over. Over 200 people participated this year which is just fantastic. We had incredible presentations with powerful new information from wonderful, intelligent and compassionate people. I have to say the virtual conventions are easier to put together than the in-person ones and there is a lot of value In these experiences. The planning group worked well together and I have to say I think we’ve achieved a level of expertise in putting on good virtual conventions. Dr. Jaelline Jaffe was given the Jaxon award this year and this is the right thing to do with her long time of working as a psychotherapist in this field and serving on our board. The most exciting thing is that you can purchase this entire convention (except for the personal support group meetings) at Misophonia Videos.


– Dr. Marsha Johnson






Dear friends of the Misophonia Association, we are about to present the 2021 Misophonia convention!  READ DR. JOHNSON’S LETTER HERE


2021 CONVENTION DATES:  Meet-and-greet reception on Thursday evening, October 14; convention presentations on Friday October 15 and Saturday October 16, 2021 with wonderful speakers, exciting presentations and discussion groups with varied and pertinent topics!


The convention will feature the most current and relevant research and information about misophonia, including presentations from diverse fields of expertise and life, social opportunities and support from others with misophonia, and interactive sessions and activities.


Our overall goal remains to create an affordable convention that will bring you the very best in current thinking, coping, management, new knowledge, and practical sessions with useful advice and support.




  • One Family/Household first device – $100

  • For a family’s additional device – $25


You can also donate today and help make a difference! A $40 donation includes a 1-year membership to the Misophonia Association, which is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to nurturing sufferers of misophonia while helping professionals towards their efforts at pursuing a cure. All of the contributions we receive go towards this goal, which we pursue through Education, Advocacy, Research, and Support (EARS). To donate please visit:  https://misophonia-association.org/membership-account/membership-levels/


CANCELLATIONS: If you must cancel your registration, we’ll issue you a partial refund depending on when you cancel.  If you cancel before September 24, 2021, you will receive a 80% refund of your ticket costs.  If you cancel after September 24 and on or before October 13, 2021 you will receive a 50% refund of your ticket costs.  Cancellation requests will not be accepted on or after October 14, 2021.


SCHOLARSHIPS: Those wishing to apply for a scholarship towards their registration fee may contact the Misophonia Association Board at [email protected]. In your email message, please share information about yourself and the specific reasons for your scholarship request.




Got Questions?  We’ve got answers.  And if we don’t, we’ll find them.  For any questions you have about the 2021 Online Misophonia Convention, please shoot us a message at [email protected] and use the subject line to signal that your question is about the convention.






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