Misophonia Convention FAQ’s

Who created the convention?

The Misophonia Association is the sponsor for the Annual Misophonia Convention, this is work performed by dedicated volunteers from locations all over the USA and abroad.

Our next conference will be about RELATIONSHIPS: Coping and Strategies for Managing Misophonia.  Please come! We are going to post the dates and site as soon as negotiations are final.

For three years we have held this two day convention in October. This year we tried to arrange a Southern California location, and we discovered that hotel rates were double, site rates were astronomical, snack and food rates were inflated by a factor of 2-3 times what we paid in Florida, Oregon and Illinois, and in addition, the ability to book places in a timely fashion was extremely difficult due to the high demand in the area. For six months the BOD struggled with this idea and we were simply unable to find a decent location that would not force us to double the price of the convention! Community members suggested we pursue Las Vegas and we turned our eyes north to Circus Circus, where we discovered that three night stay is less than ONE NIGHT stay in LA, and we are onto a new track. Based on the evaluations of participants and members in the past two years, with teens and kids, it has been suggested repeatedly that we try to find a time other then busy October, and so we have decided to aim at February 2017 for the 4th convention. We are in the process of negotiating a date with Circus Circus (Fri-Sat-Sun) and preparing for several new aspects to the convention which we believe will be extremely beneficial to our global community, including amazing presenters and contributors, ability to participate from afar at a reasonable cost, and a topic that will be important for everyone, How to Cope with Misophonia (strong and useful immediate strategies for life’s situations).
Please know that the BOD and others worked endlessly as volunteers to try to arrange for L.A. The fact is that the site did not have a hotel nearby, it was awkward for transportation, our group would be scattered everywhere, and have to rent cars, and it was just adding up and up with extremely expensive everything, and it just became completely unworkable. Not to mention a management staff who was apparently brand new, did not appear to be able to create a contract or demonstrate knowledge of conferences to a degree that made us feel comfortable….we sincerely apologize for everyone who was thinking, like us, that we were about to head to LA in October.
Please think of Las Vegas in February! The site has great potential, there is certainly plenty to do there besides the convention, they are pleasant and experienced and the feeling is very good so far and we just need to pick a good date in February (maybe Presidents’ week end) and move on with the show!
Our goals remain the same, to create an affordable conference to bring you the very best in current thinking and management, actions and new knowledge, practical sessions with useful advice and support, support support….we need to gather and it will BE in Las Vegas in February 2017!
We hope to announce this coming week all the details. Prepare to be present. Marsha Johnson, Jaelline Jaffe, Cindy Simon and many others….

We are seeking speakers for the conference from the fields of counseling, psychology, neurology, and more.  This should be an excellent meeting!

Here is a list of the 2015 Presenters for the Convention:


OCT 16-17, 2015

SINGLE:  $175

Youth: $75 under 16

Couple:  $275


Who pays for the convention?

Conference fees pay for the entire convention.  Some of the funds go to cover the rent of the hotel spaces, the electronic equipment for the Skype sessions, projection equipment, and for snacks at the hotel, rooms and technology for the conference space, hotel rooms for two presenters, and pay for the filming of the entire conference so we can make it available to everyone.  No presenter is paid for their time, all paid their own airfare and 90%, their own hotel rooms.  We have a great group of volunteers!  We received a generous donation from one member and support from Widex Hearing Aid company who paid for two snack sessions, at about $15 a person for each snack (four snacks per conference).

What do we need?

We need you to come! And bring your family!

We need you to register and forward names of potential speakers for our convention.  Psychologists, counselors, practitioners of mediation, peacefulness and mindfulness.  Those who have worked with misophonia in different settings.

We need more volunteers to donate tax deductible donations to the Misophonia Association to help us create publications and informational resources, pay for web development, create meet up chapters around the globe, and a part time manager for the M.A.