About our Conventions

We are committed to our annual convention, where we present a platform for gathering current and potential researchers and clinicians, and work directly with those who suffer from misophonia along with their families. We continue to press for legitimate peer-reviewed professional research, and are committed to long-term dedicated and professional activities.

The goal of our conventions is to provide a unique gathering space for those with misophonia and their families, to spend 3 days with others, enjoy learning and sharing, and help direct the future of research and growth in this field.  One of the special benefits of these annual events has been the strong bonds that have developed between attendees.  We feel so privileged to enjoy the volunteer and donated efforts of so many wonderful people and professionals to make these conventions a success and a pleasure.


The 2024 Misophonia Convention

Click here or on the tab in the drop-down menu to see details about our upcoming convention in Atlanta, Georgia this November!


The 2023 Misophonia Convention

…was our 4th virtual convention and our 10th annual convention. It was held November 3-5, 2023, and was a great success and benefit for all! Thank you to everyone who participated – all the wonderful speakers, facilitators and attendees from around the world!

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