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As there is no known cure for Misophonia, I take a harm reduction, mindfulness based, and experimental approach to treatment. If there is no know immediate cure, there can still be relief. I work with clients to identify the areas of life most impacted by Misophonia and implement interventions to relieve the suffering. These interventions can involve audiological tools, lifestyle adjustments, conflict management and communication coaching, as well as more experimental exploration including novel treatments such as psychedelic assisted psychotherapy. In New York, I offer Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP). For out of state clients, I work as a coach and help you identify resources in your area and assist with preparation and integration.

I have seen these results in my patients:

A deeper understanding of internal and external boundaries, a reduction in shame around having Misophonia (a greater acceptance of what is), stronger self- advocacy skills around Misophonia related interpersonal challenges.

I also have Misophonia so I know on a deeply personal level the struggle and the suffering you are facing. No matter the issue at hand, healing always begins with acceptance. Acceptance doesn't not mean that you like it or would ever choose it, but it is an acknowledgement of what IS. Finding acceptance for something like Misophonia can seem counterproductive and impossible, especially when you are searching for treatment. Acceptance is the first step toward managing your Misophonia and helping others in your life come to accept it as well. Acceptance is not the only step though! There is hope for you if you suffer from Misophonia. I am here to help you find relief.


LMSW (Licensed Master Social Worker)

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Accord, NY
Ezra Cowan, Psy.D.
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APPROACH:  As a clinical psychologist, I treat misophonia with a form of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) which utilizes acceptance-based approaches that help the individual learn how to respond to sound triggers so that they are less aversive and more acceptable. I also directly target the emotional response of anger/rage to enable one to feel greater control over their reactions to triggers. Additionally, I offer to integrate counseling into the treatment for secondary emotional concerns that result from misophonia such as relationship difficulties and/or other life stressors.

I also offer group therapy. It i s an ideal way to engage in an environment that is supportive, collaborative, and therapeutic. I am proud to offer one of the only therapy groups for misophonia in the entire world! This innovative group serves as a place for learning about misophonia, developing more effective ways of handling its symptoms and as a place for people to support each other. Misophonia is very lonely – come and join us!

I use pre/post measures to track progress in therapy.

I also offer my services over telehealth so I treat people over video conference for patients who are out of traveling distance.

CREDENTIALS:  Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.)

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(646) 965-6126
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New York, NY
Megan Foret, PsyD, Misophonia Hope
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Suffering from misophonia?  There is hope!  As a psychologist who also suffers from misophonia, I am in a unique position to help you.

Therapy for misophonia will help you:

Maintain a good self-care routine to minimize the stress that exacerbates your misophonia reactions

Create a toolkit to turn down the intensity of your physical and emotional distress when triggered

Find the right balance between giving yourself safe sound spaces, while also not missing out of the things in life that are important to you


I use a collaborative, client centered approach using evidence-based cognitive-behavioral therapy tools from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Radically-Open DBT (RO-DBT) and Coping Effectiveness Training (CET).


Licensed psychologist in California, Colorado, and New York.

I have a master’s degree from The University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota and a doctoral degree from The Wright Institute in Berkeley, California.  I have been treating clients for over a decade in general practices at Kaiser Permanente and with One Medical Group onsite at Google.  I started Misophonia Hope in 2023 to bring my psychological knowledge and personal experience to serve the misophonia community.  I also specialize in OCD and related disorders.


Association for Behavioral and Contextual Science

International OCD Foundation


I work with clients ages 18+.  For parents of children with misophonia, I can meet for parent consultation.

I am able to see clients virtually in California, Colorado and New York and have an office to see clients in person in Redwood City in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Bay area, California