Dr. Jeannie Karlovitz
Exton PA

Approach:  Full evaluation including audiogram, Tympanogram, acoustic reflexes, DPOAE, MCL, UCL, LDL, medical history, various misophonia questionnaires, and family questionnaires. Discussion of management strategies including sound therapy, educational counseling, relaxation exercises, thought restructuring, and consult with CBT therapist. Prescription of sound generators when applicable. Follow-up appointments as needed to chart progress.

Many of my patients have experienced significant relief: some mild relief, some moderate, some extensive relief. I don’t have any metrics to share at this time.

I truly care about helping patients with misophonia. I have misophonia myself, so I have empathy. I belief relief can be had via a combination of management strategies. True- there is no cure yet. However, management strategies significantly improve quality of life.

Credentials: AuD

Advanced Hearing Solutions
Dr. Anna Hiroka Mamiya
Bellevue, WA

Approach: Sound retraining approach. We have a group of patients who do not mind hearing their trigger sounds without any help. One of them posted his review several months before he graduated from our program as “Dr. Mamiya is very gentle and kind. She even communicates via email. She offers a misophonia treatment plan for sufferers of misophonia that is working. Also has hot tea, cold water and a very comfy waiting room. A++”

PAC Audiology is a private Audiology clinic. We provide hearing and balance evaluation, hearing aids, hearing aid repair, tinnitus, misophonia, hyperacusis assessment and retraining therapy, and custom earplugs.

Credentials: AuD

PAC Audiology
Dr. Ann Rhoten
Lexington, Kentucky

Approach: Tinnitus Retraining Therapy

We are a small private practice which provides individualized care for sound sensitive patients. No formal research. Patient testimonials tell the story.

Certifications:  Au.D., CCC/A, certified by the Tinnitus Retraining Therapy Association and Tinnitus Practitioners Association

Kentucky Audiology & Tinnitus Services
Dr. Diana Callesano
Woodbury, NY

Approach: We use a combination of sound therapy and counseling to retrain the reaction to trigger sounds. We also specialize in tinnitus and hyperacusis.

We use pre and post standardized questionnaires to measure progress. Client testimonials are available as well.

Certifications: CCC-A, Licensed Audiologist in NY


Hearing and Tinnitus Center
Dr. Marsha Johnson
Portland, Oregon
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Approach: Our clinic provides diagnostic help for those who suffer from Misophonia.  We test hearing, assess degree of impairment, review medical records for any causative factors, include family and significant others in counseling and​​ conversation as well as planning for audiological help options.  We coordinate with psychotherapists and psychologists in our clinic as well.

Credentials: AuD; served on many different nonprofit boards including the American Tinnitus Association,  the Tinnitus Practitioners Association and the Misophonia Association.

(503) 234-1221
Dr. Cindy Simon
South Miami, Florida

Approach: Our mission is to serve the hearing health care needs of individuals in the South Miami and surrounding areas as well as any other individuals opting to use our services.  We provide comprehensive audiology and hearing aid services to people of all ages.   We will provide quality care in a relaxed, unhurried atmosphere.

Certifications: AuD, Certificate of Clinical Competence In Audiology by ASHA (American Speech & Hearing  Association), Board Certification In Audiology by AAA (ABA)

South Miami Audiology Consultants
(305) 663-0505
Randall Bartlett, AuD, FAAA
25852 McBean Pkwy, Box 208, Santa Clarita, California

Approach: Private practice audiologist since 1978, specializing in sound sensitivity and tinnitus since 2002. Utilizes evidence-based audiological evaluation and sound-based educational counseling to facilitate better advisement & self-care. Utilizing Jastreboff Tinnitus Retraining Therapy model, evidence-based evaluation approach, and multidisciplinary care based using step-by-step single-session/single-event services.
Certified TRT practitioner. Telephone/Telehealth available for certain services. No emergency, psychiatric, disability evaluation, or psychotherapy services. No device or Ap sales- referrals available for interdisciplinary care.
Appointments in Pasadena, Simi Valley, Westlake & other locations. Internet/Telehealth for certain services