Help make a difference!

The Misophonia Association is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to nurturing sufferers of Misophonia while helping professionals towards their efforts at pursuing a cure.  All of the contributions we receive go towards this goal, which we pursue through Education, Advocacy, Research, and Support (EARS).  

Every contribution makes a difference!  See how your donation is used below.

General Donation: General donation towards “EARS” (Education, Advocacy, Research, Support)

Research Grant Donation: Scientists and students everywhere are working tirelessly to find the root and depth of this condition — help them toward a solution!

Annual Convention Donation: Help fund the Annual Convention — rental of the venue, payment to site staff, catering, etc — a profoundly affecting event for both the professionals and sufferers of Misophonia, we can’t make it happen without the help we receive every year!

Scholarship Donation: There are people out there who would love to be at our convention, but can’t afford to.

Donations are securely processed through PayPal