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Caroline Seligman, LMSW
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As there is no known cure for Misophonia, I take a harm reduction, mindfulness based, and experimental approach to treatment. If there is no know immediate cure, there can still be relief. I work with clients to identify the areas of life most impacted by Misophonia and implement interventions to relieve the suffering. These interventions can involve audiological tools, lifestyle adjustments, conflict management and communication coaching, as well as more experimental exploration including novel treatments such as psychedelic assisted psychotherapy. In New York, I offer Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP). For out of state clients, I work as a coach and help you identify resources in your area and assist with preparation and integration.

I have seen these results in my patients:

A deeper understanding of internal and external boundaries, a reduction in shame around having Misophonia (a greater acceptance of what is), stronger self- advocacy skills around Misophonia related interpersonal challenges.

I also have Misophonia so I know on a deeply personal level the struggle and the suffering you are facing. No matter the issue at hand, healing always begins with acceptance. Acceptance doesn't not mean that you like it or would ever choose it, but it is an acknowledgement of what IS. Finding acceptance for something like Misophonia can seem counterproductive and impossible, especially when you are searching for treatment. Acceptance is the first step toward managing your Misophonia and helping others in your life come to accept it as well. Acceptance is not the only step though! There is hope for you if you suffer from Misophonia. I am here to help you find relief.


LMSW (Licensed Master Social Worker)

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