Relevant Research

This is the current list of research from PUBMED (August 2013).  We will add more as it becomes available.

Edelstein M, Brang D, Rouw R, Ramachandran VS.

Front Hum Neurosci. 2013 Jun 25;7:296. doi: 10.3389/fnhum.2013.00296. Print 2013.


Some patients report a preoccupation with a specific aversive human sound that triggers impulsive aggression. This condition is relatively unknown and has hitherto never been described, although the phenomenon has anecdotally been named misophonia.

Methodology and Principal Findings

42 patients who reported misophonia were recruited by our hospital website. All patients were interviewed by an experienced psychiatrist and were screened with an adapted version of the Y-BOCS, HAM-D, HAM-A, SCL-90 and SCID II. The misophonia patients shared a similar pattern of symptoms in which an auditory or visual stimulus provoked an immediate aversive physical reaction with anger, disgust and impulsive aggression. The intensity of these emotions caused subsequent obsessions with the cue, avoidance and social dysfunctioning with intense suffering. The symptoms cannot be classified in the current nosological DSM-IV TR or ICD-10 systems.


We suggest that misophonia should be classified as a discrete psychiatric disorder. Diagnostic criteria could help to officially recognize the patients and the disorder, improve its identification by professional health carers, and encourage scientific research

Selective sound sensitivity syndrome (misophonia) in a patient with Tourette syndrome.

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