Jena Northen, Spot Therapy Group, LLC

Jena Northen, Spot  Therapy Group, LLC
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In my approach, I use both top down (cognitive) and bottom up (body based and biofeedback) approaches to treating misophonia.

I have had clients who are now able to eat with family members, live comfortably with other people, complete school, and decrease psychiatric medications. For some clients with mild symptoms, cognitive strategies were enough, but for many, a combined approach is necessary to best target the symptoms. I have never been able to eliminate the triggers, but I have supported client progress, improving their ability to manage their responses to triggers and "lengthen" their fuse, so to speak - meaning increase their resistance to the triggers. I encourage other family members and significant others to participate in therapy, as their support is often critical to the acknowledgement/acceptance of the client's issues and to practice of strategies within the client's natural environment.

I treat both children and adults, and clients often present with multiple diagnoses that must be taken into account. My youngest client with misophonia was actually 4 years of age. I have a passion for this client population and have spent much time and focus on continuing education related to misophonia, more so than any other diagnosis that I treat.

Board Certified, Neurofeedback (BCN) and SIPT Certified (Sensory Integration & Praxis Test)

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