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Dr. Marsha Johnson, AuD, has a Yahoo Support Group, members only
 Marsha Johnson, AuD, has a Yahoo Support Group, member only


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Misophonia Association Facebook Page:

Misophonia: Coping and Solutions

Misophonia: Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome (4S)

4S / Misophonia

Misophonia-Parents of children with misophonia 4S

UK Misophonia Support

Treatment Providers/Associations
Highly trained medical providers  in various regions who can provide evaluation, diagnosis, and therapies for misophonia, organized in 2011 by Dr. Marsha Johnson, Audiologist


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  1. Hello, I live in Seattle Washington and was looking for a referral to make a diagnosis of my 12-year-old daughter. Can you provide one? Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi there — I am replying very late to your comment. I apologize, we had some change in volunteer staffing.
      The only diagnosis I know of is through an audiologist although there is no officially recognized diagnosis or treatment at this time.
      Dr. Anna Mamiya in Seattle has seen a few misophonia clients:
      Thank you,

  2. I can’t remember a time in my life when sounds didn’t bother me, especially eating or chewing sounds. For many years I wore ear plugs to get through the day at work. Being near people who chew gum has been miserable. However, in 2015, when I was 47, an oncologist prescribed Eligard for me. Within two weeks I noticed that sounds didn’t bother me nearly as much. I no longer wear ear plugs to work or on planes. I can go to movies again and other places in public. The oncologist no longer prescribes Eligard but the effects of sound are still diminished. Maybe this will help another woman close to my age.

  3. When I was a little girl I was eating my food but I wasn’t chewing with my mouth closed. I was chewing loudly and open mouthed. My mother said that if I didn’t chew with my mouth closed, she would slap me. To this day I cannot tolerate other people chewing loudly with their mouth open. Some people can’t help it due to health reasons. I wear ear plugs to tolerate it.

  4. I have a client who has been steadily getting worse with his ability to keep his anger in check due to sound sensitivity. This has progressed to his inability to control anger in stressful situations. I live in Volusia County Florida where Misopheonia does not have a support group or other resources and I feel frustrated that I am at a loss to help the client.

      1. Also, there is a research conference coming up in August for those doing research, and a convention in October for misophonia sufferers, families, etc. There are many Facebook support groups and may be local Meetups where you can connect, too. Good luck.

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