2017 Research Grant Program


In 2017 we will be awarding several research grants to graduate students or researchers for investigations into the field of Misophonia!

The goal is to build up a body of knowledge about Misophonia from a variety of points of view and to foster individual initiative. These small grants will be submitted for review by a body of scientific researchers for merit and innovation, as well as impact on the fledgling field of Misophonia.

The requests should be sent to the Misophonia Association by the end of May 2017, to be awarded by early summer in time for the Fall 2017 academic year. The submitter must have access to IRB inclusion if human subjects are to be used. An information packet will be made available by the end of December 2017, so keep your eyes on this site for more information.  Dr. Ali Danesh and Dr. Jaelline Jaffe will be heading up the review team to choose the research grant awardees, please email your grant idea with details to misoassociation@gmail.com

Several grants will be initially awarded, possibly more depending on contributions and fund raising efforts. It is the goal to award 10-25 grants over the next five years, to be published, with the hopes of adding to increase the currently limited body of scientific knowledge available at this point in time.

Grant amounts will vary from $500, $1000, and $2500.  Please select an amount that fits the needs of your project and submit the following my June 1, 2017.  PLEASE SEND Your four page (minimum size) packet via USPS to Misophonia Association, 1827 NE 44th, Suite 130, Portland, OR 97213.  Those funded are agreeing to submit final results for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

  1. Letter of introduction including your background and academic study
  2. Letter of research project proposal including goal, method, and IRB process.
  3. Letter from advisor or research professional who will supervise your project
  4. A budget proposal with expected use of funds, simple