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The 2015 Convention will be available for purchase via downloaded video/films in January 2016.  Please check back frequently to order yours! The 2015 convention has the MOST advanced and specialized presenters and speakers yet!  You will never regret adding this to your Misophonia Library.

The Misophonia Association has filmed the 2014 and 2013 Annual Conventions and plans to film each future Annual Convention and then package up the key presentations into a format for viewing at home or in medical clinics.  The format is a split screen with film of the speaker on one side and their power points on the other.  This provides the viewer with a natural experience, as if you were actually at the conference.  They are also useful for recalling and reviewing what was presented for those who did attend, or sharing with family, medical providers, or counselors.  If you are looking for cutting edge and insightful information about Misophonia, including treatment options from experts in the field, this video series is designed for you!

The 2014 Orlando Convention Videos are available.  This is an impressive colllection of speakers including Dr. Marsha Johnson, AuD, Dr. Jaelline Jaffe, PhD, Dr. CIndy Simon, AuD, Dr. Christopher Spankovich, PhD., Dr. Aujan Shroder, MD, Mr. Tom Dozier, MS, Michael Mannino, PhD Candidate in Neurology, Dr. Scott Sessions, DC, and more.  Terrific set for a very reasonable price.

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for more information on this valuable video series and order a complete set or individual session as a digital download or email with questions.

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