About Misophonia Association

About Us

The Misophonia Association is a Non-Profit Organization that was founded in 2013 in Portland, Oregon after the first annual Misophonia Convention, held in October. In 2014, the second convention was held in Orlando, Flordia followed by the third in Chicago, Illinois in October of 2015 with nearly 200 people attending. In 2017, February, the fourth convention was held in Las Vegas, NV.

Our Non-profit association goals and mission include: Education, Advocacy, Research, Support, and to assist those who suffer from the condition of Misophonia, as well as their families. We stand together in our rejection of bias, prejudice, and exclusion. We value respect, encouragement, professionalism and courteous speech and behavior. We recognize effort, intentions and accomplishment. We applaud helpfulness, positivity, and collaboration. We have made tremendous progress in the past few years.

We are committed to our annual convention which allows us to present a platform for gathering current and potential researchers and clinicians, and to work directly with those who suffer from Misophonia along with their families to encourage exploration and support as a group. We continue to press for legitimate peer-reviewed professional research, and we are committed to long-term dedicated and professional activities.

The Misophonia Association is funded with volunteer effort and donated time and funds. With your continued kind donations and support of events, we plan to offer small pilot study style grants in 2017. These starter grants will be aimed at funding smaller worthy projects that will add to the body of work available in the world of peer reviewed journalism in established venues.

Please join us in our steady and mindful journey towards unbiased knowledge, effective treatment, and possibly a cure for Misophonia.  You can now purchase our 2017 Video/Film of the entire 2017 Convention, an amazing compilation of experts and advisors.  Please check above.